We would love you to experience our affordable and high quality mink lashes.

Beauty adult woman bride in white wedding dress in luxury place

While preparing for her big day, she was looking for gorgeous and affordable lashes that she could wear on her wedding day. The lashes she was looking for where supposed to be re-usable, made of the best materials and cruelty free.

She wanted to look elegant, confident and unique while still looking natural. Since her natural lashes are really thin and short, she wanted to use mink lashes to make her look like a princess.

After looking online for hours she went to a local certified Make-up artist who sold her a set of lashes for $50! When she tried them on at home, she was very disappointed, she could bust into tears! The lashes where really thin and the strip holding the lashes was really thick and heavy (it wasn’t comfortable at all).

Ariana found out that she just spent $50 on thin and bad quality lashes.

Since Ariana is a go-getter she continued her quest. With one of her friends she looked into other lash brands that would provide her with long, thick, re-usable, cruelty free and long lasting lashes. Regrettably, they found no brands or company that could offer her the lashes that she desired. They did found some good looking lashes, but they either cost a lot and or where very bad quality.

After a long search they came to the conclusion that they weren’t going to find the perfect lashes for the wedding. There is a huge demand for high quality lashes that look thick, long, fluffy and affordable, but no product is meeting that demand. So, they decided to start their own brand: “Ariana Lashes” that meets the demand.

Ariana Lashes are 3D lashes that are 100% mink and are long, thick, fluffy and affordable. Which means that our products meet your demands and make you feel like a princess.

We are in totally in love with them, and we are for sure that you are too when you wear them!